Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Wedding That Made Milwaukee Famous

Anson and I were lucky enough to have a reason to travel to Milwaukee last month--one of my dearest, oldest friends, Zoki, got married to a wonderful man, Michael. Both were originally from Milwaukee, and since neither Anson nor I had ever been to Milwaukee, we were excited, not only for the wedding, but to see one of the meccas of traditional American brewing culture.
The wedding was held at The Best Place, the former offices and entertaining facility at the Pabst brewery. The Best Place references Jacob Best Sr. who established the original brewery. 
Captain Frederick Pabst, who gave the brewery it's name, and brought it to prominence.
Anson took the tour of the brewery and was told the style of architecture is called "German-Victorian".

We stayed next door at the Brew House Inn & Suites, the former brewing facility that has been turned into a eco-chic, steam-punk hotel.

The adjacent, empty buildings from the large brewing complex have yet to be restored, still retaining the patina of over 150 years.
We happened to travel on my birthday, so I brought one of those bottles of wine you save for your birthday. I had to laugh as I unpacked the wine and set it down next to the Pabst Blue Ribbon ice bucket. 
We had dinner at Distil Milwaukee, and I was delighted at their creative take on my favorite salad--the Cobb. Where is the egg you ask? It's that battered, deep-fried ball on the bottom right. Curiously, the yolk was still liquid.
Zoki and Michael did not miss a detail in their planning of the wedding, right down to the welcome bags that greeted out-of-town guests--New Glarus beer, Ellsworth cheese curds, and Usinger's sausage. And that half-eaten monster you see there? That was a home-made pretzel at Jackson's Blue Ribbon Pub, the restaurant attached to the hotel. It's worth visiting Milwaukee just for that pretzel.
We ventured outside the Pabst complex to Lakefront Brewery, and came across some local characters.
The beautiful bride, right before walking down the aisle.
Anson and I looking our best, at The Best Place.


  1. I keep meaning to go out there. My mom's family lived there for a while - my youngest aunt was born in Milwaukee.

  2. Congrats on successfully using "steam-punk" in a sentence! I didn't ever realize that was a thing until recently.

  3. How fun - I love the architecture - German Victorian, hmmm. PBR was a blue-collar beer when I was in college and now it's a hipster beer, I don't get it - but Milwaukee has a great brewing history. Chateau Montelena Cab is a perfect birthday wine :)

  4. These are really fantastic photographs . The couple looks so beautiful ..

    Regards Eduard


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