Sunday, May 8, 2011

BlogHer Food 2011

It's Mother's Day, and though the day is almost over, I'd like to bring your attention to these meringue cookies that my mom loves. I always buy a box at Trader Joe's when she comes to visit and if she's diligent she'll finish them before she leaves. Mom, enjoy your virtual meringues!

So what am I doing photographing them when my mom hasn't visited since last year? Well, these meringues are playing a part in an upcoming presentation I'll be doing at BlogHer Food 2011 in Atlanta on May 20 & 21st. I'll be speaking with Alice Currah from Savory Sweet Life about "Simple and Affordable Tools, Techniques and Accessories to Improve Your Food Photography." Those of you that read this blog know that my food photography is mostly a labor of love, and that everything I do in terms of photography is simple and affordable.  For that reason, I think this session will be worthwhile for new bloggers, beginning photographers, and even experienced bloggers who want to improve their photography (or just see how us gals do it.)

Back to the meringues. You see the four different (unretouched) versions? They are all decent right? But they all look a little different... I happen to think one is better than the others, but they are all acceptable nonetheless for the purposes of a food blog.  So how did I get to these four different photographs of the same meringues? And the million dollar question is, which two were photographed at night using artificial light that cost $15 or less? You'll find out on May 21st at 2:45. See you in Hotlanta! (Ooops, did I just call it "Hotlanta"? Sorry about that.)