Monday, January 11, 2010

Food Blogger Camp Part Tres

Monday was another double header as food stylist Adam Pearson and food photographer/blogger extraordinaire Matt Armendariz both lead sessions.

Adam talked about a few simple supplies a home food blogger can easily incorporate into his or her photos to create a more professional look: a variety of linens, small plates and various wooden cutting boards.

He demonstrated the plating of a simple pasta dish. Adam is trained as a chef and uses those skills in conjunction with the tricks of the trade to make food camera-ready.

Some of his tips included using museum wax to hold forks in place, Poligrip to keep a taco standing upright, and diluting red wine with water to keep it from going to dark in photos.

He explained he takes a more modern approach to food styling, prefering to use real food rather than those stand-ins we've all heard about (like glue for milk).

Matt has a really fresh style and he set up a shot to show us how just a simple shift of the camera can make all the difference.

No matter what your style is, knowing how to use light is the key to making your readers want to lick their computer screens.


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