Thursday, January 14, 2010

Food Blogger Camp Part Seis

Dianne Jacob, author of Will Write for Food, led today's session on writing about food by--what else?--having us write about food. Her choice was a bit tough though because it was hard to find a lot to say about corn pops. Okay, it wasn't hard for some people. Garrett from VanillaGarlic and Brooke from FoodWoolf hit it out of the park. I was not going to be reading mine after their inspired prose.

But the exercise served to remind me of some very important storytelling rules. Let's just say that you may start seeing shorter posts from me from now on! Here's my try at it:

"The box, covered with grungy corn-pop characters, promises an aggressive breakfast-eating experience. It is my hope that the addition of milk will not turn them into the rampaging hooligans of the Gremlins variety. 'Don't get them wet or they multiply!' "

"The actual product inside reveals something a little more subdued--a handful of small syrupy- sweet corn nuggets the approximate texture of styrofoam peanuts."

Casey from GoodFoodStories and I took some time to exercise our visual creativity.


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