Saturday, January 9, 2010

Food Blogger Camp Part Uno

Allright, so here I am at Club Med Ixtapa for "Food Blogger camp." "Camp"? If the KOA poured drinks like they do here, I would be camping every weekend.
I have to get up tomorrow for Day 1, but I thought I'd share a little before I go to bed. (Bear with me if the color balance is a little off.)

This is the actual view out my window at sunset. What's that you hear in the background? Oh, that's waves crashing on the beach 20 yards away. Yep.


  1. I'm jealous. It's below zero here. MOM

  2. Hmmm...Where was this picture taken? What is that piece of land out there? Too close for Catalina. It's NOT in HB.
    BTW...Love your blog!

  3. this experience is well deserved dear sarah!

  4. It was so good to meet you Sarah! I look forward to keeping in touch :)

  5. wow, looks great and lots of fun, nice photos.


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